product - Robot Solution


Robot Magazine Machine

RM Series

  • - Minimize installation space
  • - High reliability, low maintenance required
  • - Various JIG and ROBOT configurations are possible
  • - Best interoperability
  • - For operator access during system operation (guarantee safety)


Youngchang Robottech's RM Series is a Robot Magazine Machine that guarantees high speed, precision and accuracy. In addition, there is no need to secure additional space by integrating various panels.

RM Series

  • Robot type Fixed Robot
  • Work In & Out Side In & Out
  • nternal cables packages Power, Air supply
  • Tray 9-drawer trays available

Order code

RM 1000 7 a
  • 1 Robot Magazine Machine
  • 2 Equipment width
  • 3 Robot Specifications (7~12kg)
  • 4 Production version

* Select robot specification when ordering (7~12kg)

Support Robot Families

- 7~12kg class robot can be used, and the fixed part of the robot can be changed according to the user's robot specifications.