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Cobot Cell Unit

CCU Series

  • - Minimize installation space
  • - High reliability, low maintenance required
  • - For operator access during system operation (guarantee safety
  • - Various JIG and ROBOT configurations are possible
  • - Various configurations available for customer customization

ACP(AutoChangerPackage) Option Using a robot, it is possible to replace the chuck and to open and close the door, and it is also possible to mount the ATC (Auto Tool Changer).

Cobot Cell Unit

The CCU Series does not require a separate fence installation, and it detects the range through the SICK SENSOR to ensure worker safety.
In addition, it is a robot device with an advantageous platform for small-lot production of various types, ensuring easy and simple installation and integrating the PANEL. This eliminates the need to secure additional space.

Three Tray


Insert Cart (One Tray)


Tap Plate (One Tray)


Drawer Type (Five Tray)


Order code

CCU 1013 ACP a(b,c,d)
  • 1 Cobot Cell Unit
  • 2 Applicable robot specifications (payable weight, working radius)
  • 3 Auto Changer Package (except CCUd)
  • 4 Production version

* Select robot specifications when ordering
* Select ACP when ordering (optional)

Support Robot Families

- CCUa can use a robot with a working radius of 1300mm (CCUb:1100mm, CCUc:1000mm, CCUd:1300mm) or more, and the fixed part can be changed according to the user's robot specifications.