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Closed Robot Carriage

CRC Series

  • - Best Path Accuracy
  • - Density, modularity and scalability
  • - Minimize installation space
  • - Integrated and shielded components
      (cable and chain protection)
  • - Preparation for various applications
      (arc welding, processing line, etc. applicable)
  • - Extensive options for different configurations
  • - High reliability, low maintenance required
  • - For operator access during system operation (guarantee safety)

General Open-Type Carriage

When using an open carriage, the cable bearing, LM, bearings, and wires are damaged by cutting oil and chips, which affects the life of the product.

Closed Robot Carriage

CRC600 is a robot track motion platform that guarantees high speed, precision, and accuracy. Cable bearings, LMs, bearings, and wires are in an enclosed space to prevent damage from cutting oil, chips, etc., and to provide cleanliness in the factory.

CRC Series

  • Max Payload 1200 Kg
  • Speed 2 m/s
  • Max. Acceleration 2.5 m/s2
  • Pose repeatability, PR ≤ ± 0.05 mm

Order code

CRC 600 2S a
  • 1 Closeness Robot Carriage
  • 2 Distance between LM
  • 3 Cell Unit/span>
  • 4 Production Version

* Select cell quantity when ordering
* Applied robot additional axis motor specifications need to be confirmed

Support Robot Families


- 20 ~ 100kg class robot can be used, and the fixed part of the robot can be changed according to the user's robot specifications.